Hairbnb dog carers are selected carefully by me personally and are the core of the business. I consider them as a very important part of our team, so I like to get to know them well and I am are always on hand to offer them support 24/7, should it be needed.

Our home boarding host families are extremely special people. I interview potential sitters in their home to ensure they have all the skills, knowledge and information they need to offer the high standards of care that our customers require.

Who are our dog sitters?
The one thing that all our dog sitters have in common is that they are all dedicated dog lovers….. it is our number one requirement!

Some are retired people who like to keep fit and active, but no longer have a dog of their own, so they now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of looking after other people’s furry friends.

Others are younger families who love to have a guest dog stay with them for a while, rather than have a full-time pet of their own. These host families have great fun together when dogs come to visit. Some carers already have their own friendly and sociable dog, who loves the company of another dog for a while.

How do we select our dog sitters?

Hairbnb only take on the very best dog sitting families, as we are committed to providing first-class care for our customers’ dogs. We take the level of care we offer very seriously, so I meet our dog sitters and interview them at home to get to know them. I only consider families who are genuinely passionate about working with dogs and have experience looking after them.

All our sitters all have a secure property and garden and have access to suitable dog friendly walking areas near their home. None of our host families have young children under the age of five, or any pets of their own that wouldn’t welcome a guest dog into their home.

Once a dog sitter joins our Hairbnb team, we provide all the necessary support and advice they need to make their job of dog sitting a stress free and enjoyable experience.

Choosing Your Dog’s Host family

Our service really is ‘bespoke’ to you and your dog. We help you to choose the right dog ‘home boarder’ for your dog to make sure your dog’s routines are maintained whilst you are away. We will show you our host’s profile, and what your dog’s holiday home, garden and destination is like.

Our sitters are dedicated to your dog
Hairbnb take care of all the administration, insurance and licensing as well as collection and delivery of your dog, so our host families don’t have to. This way, they can concentrate on the most important job of all…. caring for your dog.

How can I become a dog sitter?

If you feel you have what we are looking for, get in touch with me today!