Essentially, I train humans to train their dogs!

Love, calmness, consistency, praise and positive training are what nurture a happy, trained dog who keeps his personality and wants to works with you.

Don’t get frustrated, start shouting and tearing your hair out. It may make YOU feel better, but it only confuses your dog! Take a deep breath, count to ‘10’, sit down and GIVE ME A CALL! I am here to help you and your dog understand each other.

Not everyone is a ‘natural’ dog owner or trainer, but that’s ok.   Most people have to learn the correct way of teaching their dog right from wrong.  Some people have a natural instinct on how to do this, but like becoming parent, most people learn as they go along.  While many dogs are very relaxed about ‘waiting for their owners to learn how to train them’, some are not!

Many dogs are naturally either very driven, or very excitable, etc., and that is when people really start to realise they need a professional’s help.

I have dealt with a lot of  ‘pet dogs’ that are from working stock, so they have all that breeding telling them to work, but their owners don’t understand how to work with that rather than against it. Once I’ve shown you how to interact with your dog correctly and helped you understand how a dog ‘thinks’, your relationship very quickly begins to improve.

As dog owners, WE commit most of our offences at home. We must keep a certain level of ‘basic manners’, e.g. waiting to get out of the car until told, barging out the door at home as soon as you open it, letting them charge off into the park as soon as the lead is removed, etc.,

Always aim for the best your dog is capable of (no matter how small the task) and you will have so many more rewards, as will he.

Over my years of training many hundreds of dog owners, I have found that the rate of improvement is directly related to the depth of understanding shown by the human!

There is a lot you can learn in a 121 training session and that knowledge is then yours to keep!


My training usually starts with an initial 2.5 – 3 hour session, and can be followed-up with further sessions if required – although commonly just one session is enough to give you the tools you need to work better with your dog.

This initial session costs £135 (total session cost, no hidden extras!)

I cover Edinburgh, Lothians & the Scottish Borders, and any travel further afield can be arranged on request.

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