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hairbnb – Dog Boarding Services

Your dog’s comfort, welfare and happiness, is our business!

Hairbnb boarding for dogs is a ‘home-from-home’ alternative to boarding kennels, providing a stress free environment for your dog/s and therefore peace of mind whilst you enjoy your holiday.

Our commitment is to provide your dog/s a comfortable, happy home environment, where their normal everyday routines and exercise will be maintained without the stress of kennels or cages. Hairbnb carers are not only committed dog lovers but like me, take caring for your dog/s very seriously!

The Hairbnb Story

“Hairbnb was born from my love and passion for all dogs”

My name is Allan Ritchie, and I started my professional career working with Dogs as a 17 year old, when I joined the Royal Air Force Police in 1980. Ten years later, having left the RAF, I joined the Civilian Police in Edinburgh, but in 2000 retired to pursue my passion for improving the behaviour, obedience training & above all, the welfare of dogs.

In 1997, I opened and ran a Dog Training School and Boarding Kennel in the Scottish Borders, where I could care for up to 40 dogs. I sold that business in 2007, and since then I have continued to train dog owners and help dogs with behavioural problems all over Scotland.

During my time as a Boarding Kennel owner, I realised that no matter how good a boarding kennel is, there are some dogs that just do not do well in that kind of environment. Many dogs become so stressed, that their stay seems more like a prison sentence to them! This is something I was desperate to change!

Understandably, many owners are reluctant to put their dogs into noisy and stressful kennels, so I decided to develop Hairbnb Home Boarding Service, to offer a bespoke, personal and loving, ‘home-from-home’ alternative……………… And we launched on 1st May 2018!

Hairbnb customers can now go on holiday with complete peace of mind, knowing that their dog is being individually cared for in a warm, stress free loving home, and have the undivided personal care and attention they receive in their own home.



Step 1 – Get In Touch

Tel – 01721-602399


Step 2 – We’ll Come Meet You

Before you go on holiday, we will come to your home for an initial registration meeting to meet your dog/s and learn a bit about their personality. It is important to us to get to understand your dog’s likes, dislikes, needs and requirements. This information is at the absolute core of ‘Home Boarding’, so that your dog’s exercise, feeding and sleeping routines are maintained. This is essential in providing a stress free holiday for your dog.

We will ask if they prefer to sleep in a bedroom, a sofa, or their own bed within a certain area of the house. We will take details of any medication requirements and ask about their feeding and usual exercise routines.

Step 3 – Choosing Your Dog’s Host Family

With the information gathered at our meeting, we can match your dog/s with the most suitable family for them. Matching them with the right Hairbnb family is very important, so the information you provide us is invaluable.

You will want to know who is looking after your dog, so we will show you all about your dog’s host family, where they live and what experience they have etc.

All of our host families are vetted and carefully inspected by us and are guaranteed to meet our extremely high animal husbandry standards. Our hosts are at home during the day to ensure exercise, love and care is always ‘on tap’. If your dog is extremely sociable and you’d like them to have some company during their stay, then we can arrange a holiday with a family who have a friendly dog of their own. This is an option and one of your choices, but we never put your dog with any others, unless specifically requested by you.

Step 4 – Collection

On the date and at the time requested by you, we will arrive at your home to collect your dog/s before you go on holiday. Your dog/s will also take their usual food, toys and bed on their holiday, so they have all their favourite comforts. We will then deliver them to their Host Hairbnb Family with the information file we gathered during our meeting.

Dogs can experience stress when being left at an unfamiliar place by their family, so in order to alleviate this, we provide a complete service, including door to door chauffer driven transportation.

This is a real bonus when you are preparing to go on holiday and settle back in on your return. Being collected from home is far less stressful and overcomes any anxiety which could your dog could feel by being dropped off and left by you.

You will receive a picture of them with their host family letting you know how they have settled, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Step 5 – Delivery Home

On the date and the time requested by you, we will deliver your dog/s home to you, so there is no need to stress! We have it all covered for you! We will also give you a full report of their holiday!

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